City holding public meeting to discuss Project DeRenne

City holding public meeting to discuss Project DeRenne

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The City of Savannah hosted a public meeting Tuesday to discuss Project DeRenne.

The plan is to revitalize the heavily traveled corridor for several different reasons, including congestion. There are five phases to this project, which was initiated in 2008. The plan includes rethinking the way people use DeRenne Avenue and creating an easier way for commuters to access Hunter Army Airfield and White Bluff Road.

Right now, the city is in Phase 3, which includes a complex environmental review to determine the impacts that the preliminary design may have on the project.

The public meeting was held at the Savannah Fairgrounds. Consultants and staff gave an overview of the project and were available to answer questions.

Mayor Pro Tem Estella Shabazz is pleased that the public is engaged in this project.

“You can tell by today’s outpour people. It is storming outside and there has been an influx of people from the district that has come in because the people have been engaged. I encourage them wholeheartedly to stay engaged and they show up rain or shine and it’s proven today," said Shabazz.

You can learn more about the project, register to attend a session on Nov. 10, and submit comments through Nov. 23 by clicking here.

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