Bryan Co. Parks and Recreation leader helping minorities grow, connect in industry

Minority Recreation Leadership Academy

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A Georgia Southern graduate started a new organization within the Bryan County Parks and Recreation Department to help promote minorities to the program.

From mentoring opportunities to professional development, Bryan County’s Parks and Rec director says the Minority Recreation Leadership Academy he started is designed to provide opportunities for people to network with professionals across the country.

For Samose Mays, it all started out as just a thought soon after he became director. He says he noticed that there was a lack of minority representation within the department when it came to director positions.

Mays says the leadership academy will provide everything from scholarly research, educational sessions, opportunities for awards and so much more.

He says ultimately, he wants people to see that minorities can be diverse in the parks and rec department and he wants to highlight individuals who can bring that vision to light.

“Bryan County is actually very diverse, I mean we have a diverse community. We have a diverse staff here and it was so important because I felt like we need to see more minorities in positions of leadership in Parks and Rec. We have the representation of minorities in Parks and Rec, but just not the rec directors, so I said I want to take this opportunity that I have to show people that it’s a possibility that it can be done. So that’s why the organization was so important here in Bryan County, because they have a diverse staff and I want to use its diversity as a platform for the organization,” Mays said.

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