What’s next for Tybee Island’s noise, alcohol ordinances?

After city council voted to turn both down Thursday the future of both may look different

What’s next for Tybee Island’s noise, alcohol ordinances?

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Tybee Island City Council made decisions on two controversial ordinances on Thursday.

The first, an alcohol ordinance, which would have eliminated the open consumption of alcohol South of 14th Street. The second, a change to the noise ordinance.

This would mean instead of measuring noise complaints based on decibel level it would instead be based on distance away the sound can be heard.

“It was shock and then it was followed quickly by anger,” said Huc-A-Poo owner Eric Thomas.

“To change our ordinances is just not, not appropriate,” added Benny’s owner Ben Ward.

Both reacting to when they first heard about the proposed ordinances.

So, Thursday when council voted to turn them both down.

“I will credit them for that. They did the right thing and they were very humble about it. They said, ‘look we made a mistake, we get it, oops, let’s fix it,’ and they fixed it and I while credit them,” said Thomas.

However, this isn’t the end of the road for either ordinance.

When it comes to the alcohol ordinance council has now formed a committee.

“Each council person has appointed two people. They appointed a businessperson and a resident,” said Tybee Island City Manager Shawn Gillen.

In total ten will sit on this committee.

The task?

“The mission of the committee is number one is to really put a definition on the problem we’re trying to solve," Gillen said.

A process Gillen hopes the community will take part it.

“Why don’t you come and talk to us. What are you hearing? What are you thinking? We’ll take note of that and deliver it to committee members.”

As for the noise ordinance?

“Okay let’s throw this one out and go back to the drawing board,” Gillen said.

The drawing board in this case, the public safety committee.

A process Thomas plans to take part in.

“I’ll be in those meetings and I’ll know every step of the way and if we need another rally we will rally for sure, that’s a fact.”

While the future of what theses ordinances may look like is still unknown one thing is very clear on Tybee Island.

“We’re all in it together and we know it takes the whole village to make things happen,” said Thomas.

The first meeting for the new alcohol ordinance committee will be Monday, Nov. 16.

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