Beaufort Co. schools giving option to return in-person five days a week

Beaufort Co. schools giving option to return in-person five days a week

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Students in Beaufort County now have the option to return to school face-to-face five days a week.

So far this year in Beaufort County, students have been learning for at least a few days a week, virtually. Now, they have the opportunity to step off the screen and back into the classroom.

Beaufort County schools started a hybrid learning model using face-to-face and virtual instruction on October 5.

“I noticed a change as I’ve started hybrid that the days they are in school my kids are exuberant. They are excited about school, they come home and tell me all the things they are learning. And they go to school on Thursday and Friday and then come Monday it’s like a letdown," said mother Tara Polson.

Now, parents can send their students back to school for face-to-face learning full-time

“Elated. I’m so happy. So excited. We’ve been praying for this in school started.”

The change means there will no longer be a half virtual half face-to-face option. Families have to commit to one format.

“Once we go back January 4 face-to-face, it’s five days a week. There’s no hybrid situation it’s virtual or five days a week," said Jennifer Kerr, 4th grade teacher.

Parents and teachers we spoke to say they believe this is the way their kids will get the best education.

"But I think the continuity for both facets of learning is better. Because they are going to be able to learn Monday through Friday as opposed to Monday, Tuesday, break, virtually.

“So I know that my kids are going to be getting the best education possible in a classroom by the teachers who are all wonderful and doing the absolute best they can.”

Scheduling has been tough for many families using the hybrid schedule.

“This year has been a struggle for my kids, for my husband and I.”

Now they are hoping to bring some relief.

“I think for the parents that are sending their kids back five days I think they’ll be, It might be easier for them in terms of work.”

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