Effingham Co. Day at the Capitol moving home in 2021

Instead of making the trip to Atlanta, Effingham Co. is hoping to bring state officials to them this year

Effingham Co. Day at the Capitol moving home in 2021

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s been common practice in 2020 to see events, cancelled, postponed on adjusted due to the pandemic.

But now in Effingham County they’re already announcing a major adjustment to one of their biggest events in 2021.

“Well, Effingham Day at the Capitol is one of our signature events,” says Effingham County Chamber of Commerce CEO Andrew Cripps.

Although it isn’t until 2021 Cripps says the Chamber of Commerce would typically be busy planning right now.

“This is about the time we would be reaching out to our business leaders and our officials and saying, ‘book your room in Atlanta. Make your commitments,’ which are financial commitments.”

Commitments the Chamber feels it wouldn’t be fair to ask people to make given the current state of the country.

“Unfortunately, because of uncertainty about COVID and whether groups like ours will be able to go to the capitol and participate in something like that, we’ve had to change our plan,” said Cripps.

Instead they hope to bring state legislatures and officials to Effingham County.

A move that may actual benefit some.

“It actually will make it easier for people here in Effingham County to participate in that as opposed to traveling to Atlanta.”

While there are no firm details on when or how the event will be held in 2021 right now there is one thing they know for sure.

Effingham County Day will happen, because it has to.

“It’s really valuable to have one on one personal interaction with your legislatures. You know we can right our legislative priorities and send it to them, but it doesn’t have the same impact of hearing directly from your constituents.”

Cripps says more firm details about the day could be set during their next board meeting in early December.

Right now they’re aiming for sometime in April.

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