Beaufort Co. holds election process debrief

Beaufort Co. holds election process debrief

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County sat down to review the 2020 election Tuesday.

Elections results in Beaufort County have been certified for nearly two weeks but Tuesday the board met with the county’s election officials to review just how the general election went.

“So going back to communication a lot of that could’ve been handled a little bit better.”

Overall, the board was happy with the general election 2020 process. But said in many cases, confusion and issues arise from a lack of communication.

The board questioned election officials on their transparency and ability to answer questions through phone calls. But it was pointed out most of the questions being asked were already answered on or Beaufort County’s website.

There were also far more questions than what they would get in a normal election. For instance, people wanted their ballot in July and August. Earlier than they are released.

Other communication concerns cited regarded poll worker participation and training. But election officials emphasize the most important thing was the ballots were cast, counted, and certified.

“There was no voter fraud in Beaufort County. OK? I don’t even anticipate or entertain that there was when you were a part of the process and you knew what it took to make the process legitimate," said Beaufort County Board of Voter Registration Director Marie Smalls.

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