Popular TV show highlights elevator rescues in Savannah

Popular TV show highlights elevator rescues in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A popular TV show highlighting fire and rescue efforts around the country has been in Savannah for nearly three months. In recent weeks, those watching may have noticed a reoccurring theme: elevator rescues.

If you’re a fan of Live Rescue on A&E, you may have noticed, especially in the past couple of weeks, that Savannah Fire Rescue has responded to a number of elevator incidents where they’ve pulled dozens of people out of stuck elevators.

In one case, 17 people had to be rescued, all crammed into one elevator car.

“Usually an elevator will go through a system check before it’s operated," said Billy King with IAFF Local 574. "And if something in the chain, the system is amiss, a heavy load or something like that...it’ll apply a brake. And then it won’t be able to move at all.”

The elevator featured more often than most on Live Rescue is in a privately owned garage. Fixes have been made in the days following the episode that should prevent further issues. King says try not to panic if you do find yourself stuck.

“Just know that if you are on an elevator that is stuck, there’s very little to worry about try to stay calm and we’ll come get you as soon as possible,” says King. “Just, you have to use common sense. Although some can handle more than others, if it looks like it’s gonna be too packed, if you’re gonna be shoulder to shoulder in there or if you’re struggling to pack people on so you can get more on, just take the stairs.”

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