Zoom offers free calls for Thanksgiving

As COVID-19 cases surge, states ramp up restrictions

(CNN) - If the pandemic is keeping you from seeing your family in person for Thanksgiving, Zoom is helping to make your holiday a little brighter.

The video conferencing app is giving away free unlimited video calls for “turkey day.”

Normally, a Zoom call is restricted to just 40 minutes, unless you pay a minimum of $15 a month.

But in something to be thankful for, Zoom is free for everyone on Nov. 26, so your family gatherings don’t have to be cut short.

So far, Zoom’s video conferencing competitors haven’t announced whether they will match the Thanksgiving offer.

Webex’s free plan clocks out at 50 minutes, while Google’s Meet limits you to an hour.

Talking to your loved ones on a holiday is one case where Zoom fatigue doesn’t apply.

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