Lawyer talks about what’s next after election results are certified

Lawyer talks about what’s next after election results are certified

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Election offices in Georgia are finishing up their audit, like in Liberty County.

The law requires the audit to be done before the counties’ certified results can be certified by the state.

Matthew Mashburn says he expects a recount in Georgia for the presidential race, following Friday’s certification. Remember, a candidate can legally ask for a recount if there’s a one-percent margin.

Mashburn says the recount will operate similar to what happened on the night of Election Day. Counties will scan every ballot.

Since absentee ballot envelopes are already opened, the processing time is cut short. However, Mashburn says the recount could take several days.

Even after the recount is over, Mashburn doesn’t expect the results to change, meaning President-elect Joe Biden will win the state of Georgia.

“I haven’t seen recounts change margins by a very wide amount. If you’re recounting and you have a two or three-vote margin, you’re going to be on pins and needles. If you got a 14,000 vote margin, very, very rare that an election’s going to change with a recount,” State Elections Board appointee Matthew Mashburn said.

Mashburn stresses that Georgia’s audit process is working. He says it may seem messy right now, as we hear about unaccounted for votes in several counties, but Mashburn says that’s what is supposed to happen during an audit, figure out if numbers aren’t matching up and then fixing it. He hopes this process allows Georgians to have more confidence in the election system.

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