Local Staffing Company Shares Hiring Trend Observations in Savannah

Local staffing company shares observations

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The pandemic continues to have a major impact on our economy. We spoke with the local regional manager for Hire Dynamics, a staffing company that works directly with employers across the Southeast to fill positions in e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and customer support centers.

Management at the Savannah branch predicts remote work opportunities will continue at places like call centers, contact centers, energy companies and anywhere else that requires 24/7 availability or an automated response.

Regional Manager Lori Pitt also says that since January of this year, Hire Dynamics has seen a 70% increase in the amount of job openings in their Savannah market for e-commerce and supply chain positions.

However, she says the increase in job seekers hasn’t matched that demand for new employees, and told us one reason she thinks this may be happening.

“You see the job seeker rate, it has increased in this particular market to 30% since January. However, there’s still that gap that we need to bridge, and we look diligently to do. Given remote online learning and childcare, that’s put a hinderance on people really wanting to get back to work with that ability," Pitt said. “You know, they can’t leave their elementary aged child at home, so that’s been a hinderance.”

According to Georgia Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for September of this year in the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area 6.7% increased slightly from August of this year. However, it was nearly a 4% increase from September of 2019, when the unemployment rate sat at 2.9%. The Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Bryan, Chatham and Effingham Counties.

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