Savannah Golf Championship secures sponsorship with The Landings Club

Savannah Golf Championship secures sponsorship with The Landings Club

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The golf course is not usually as much a source of optimism as it was this week. “I think it’s exciting for everyone. I think we’re all ready for 2021.”

And now, beyond. With The Landings Club becoming the presenting sponsor for the Savannah Golf Championship, the event is guaranteed to be here at least another five years. The addition of the final stage of the Korn Ferry Qualifying Tournament further establishes Savannah’s place in the professional game.

“This is a golf-rich area and it’s a region that’s ripe for professional golf tournaments and we believe the Savannah Golf Championship needs to be here and needs to be here for a long time,” The Landings Club Executive Director Steven Freund said.

“This has obviously been a challenging year for everybody in this country and to be able to come out of it with some momentum and some news like this and be able to say to Savannah, ‘we appreciate you and we’re going to continue this partnership with you’, that’s been something special for us and it’s not something we’re taking for granted,” Savannah Golf Championship Tournament Director Cheyenne Overby said.

So, amidst so much uncertainty and contraction, Savannah golf got more stable and bigger.

“Life will continue and I think it was a great emotional shot in the arm for our club and our community to be able to host the tournament this year in October. We’re ready to do it again in March.”

And show that, in one place at least, whatever is on the other side of our current situation could be even better than where we came from.

“I hope that in 2021 we’re looking at a different situation across the country, but obviously with five more years, we have a lot ahead of us.”

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