Chatham Co. looking ahead to runoffs after completing hand-count audit

Chatham Co. looking ahead to runoffs after completing hand-count audit

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - After dozens of elections workers stepped up to help, Chatham County officially completed the risk-limiting audit.

Election officials say they completed their audit at 6 p.m. Wednesday night and they do not need to re-certify the original results because there weren’t any problems or discrepancies.

Workers tallied more than 134,000 ballots in six days and hours before the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office’s deadline. Now they say they will wait for the state to certify the election by Friday.

Election officials are preparing for what’s next with the Jan. 5 runoff proofing ballots and more.

As they look ahead, Chatham County Board of Elections Chairman Tom Mahoney says voters should take confidence in the fact their hand-count verified the machines and our election process is accurate.

“It’s really rather distressing as elections workers to have done all of this work on all of, on all of this good work and have had such a good election and have so many people distrustful of the elections system and I know that’s the truth. I mean, I am hearing people that don’t trust the election results and that’s just really unfortunate because what this does is this demonstrates and proves that you can count the election system is, that you can count on it that it did work it was verified,” Mahoney said.

Officials say while they did just wrap up that audit, President Donald Trump does have the chance to request a recount. That recount however would be done by machine.

Chairman Mahoney says he wouldn’t be surprised to see a recount and says it should take less time but there are several variables for that should one be called for. But the first step is for the state certification of the election which is scheduled for Friday.

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