Ribbon cutting for next phase of Truman Linear Park Trail

Ribbon cutting for next phase of Truman Linear Park Trail

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Chatham County Board of Commissioners cut the ribbon Thursday for the Truman Linear Park Trail Phase 2A project. This phase of the project is a 10-foott wide multi-use trail including two new bridge arks over the Casey Canal.

This phase of the trail is a little more than three miles long. With new cameras, call boxes and lighting installed, county officials, say it’s safe for everyone to enjoy.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to get out, have some exercise, and be able to communicate at a distance with people,” District 1 Chatham County Commissioner Helen Stone said.

The completion of this phase of the Truman Linear Park Trail begins at Lake Mayer and ends at DeRenne Avenue. County officials say it’s been a long process and there is more to go, but this phase is complete.

“We wanted to connect Daffin Park with all of the facilities here at Lake Mayer. Whether it’s the aquatic center or the soccer complex or even just the walking trail around the lake,” Stone said.

The county served as the developer and budgeted more than $6 million in SPLOST money for the project. This includes two bridges and raised boardwalk sections through wetlands. The city says they will then build the second phase of it going north of DeRenne up to Daffin Park.

“A lot of the design of it, actually, the input was given by residents, so we made sure that we incorporated a lot of things that they want to see,” City of Savannah Director of Sustainability Nick Deffley said.

The input included things like safety measures, the width of the trail, and what the surface would be. One resident says he walks the area daily and is impressed with the maintenance and upgrades made to the trail and park.

“Very well constructed. Looks safe, looks solid. I think the workers do a very good job maintaining Savannah infrastructure,” resident Charles Branham said.

“This is a whole other mode of transportation that’s not your car. People are able to get out, have active recreation, get together with friends, especially during a pandemic, this is something that folks can still do and stay socially distanced,” Deffley said.

The city says this is a baseline for how trails should be throughout Savannah and the county.

“It provides what we were looking for with the City of Savannah and working on this project together has just been amazing,” Stone said.

The City of Savannah will maintain this part of the trail. The city says they’re in the design phase for the next step of the trail, which is Truman Trail to Bee Road and that will go from DeRenne Avenue and Jenkins High School to Daffin Park.

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