Local farm talks turkey ahead of Thanksgiving

With new guidelines the holiday could look different this year, which may be good news for turkeys, but not so much for farmers.

Local farm talks turkey ahead of Thanksgiving

GUYTON, Ga. (WTOC) - Out on Bruce Peth’s farm you’ll find a wide range of animals.

From goats to ducklings and even a horse.

But of course, there’s one animal on everyone’s mind right now, turkey

Which, as it turns out, there’s a wide range of those too.

“The bourbon red, whites, heritage bronze, the regular bronze the double-breasted bronze,” Peth lists off.

But no matter the breed, they’re all a little standoffish this time of year.

Luckily for Peth’s flock of around twenty it’s unlikely any of them are on the menu.

“I don’t have any grown one’s I want to sell and these younger one’s aren’t really big enough for Thanksgiving dinner yet,” said Peth.

Although with new guidelines smaller may be better.

“They want you to limit the amount of people you get together. Who needs a twenty-pound turkey for two or three people? You’ll be eating turkey for a week or longer,” says Peth.

Which is good news for some of these bigger birds but not for everyone.

“It will ultimately hurt the turkey farmers because there’ll be a surplus or large size, full size turkeys and the price of turkeys will go down,” said Denise Morgan who helps on Peth’s farm.

For Peth, he doesn’t typically rely on selling his turkey.

“You quote them a price they say, ‘oh no I can buy it at Walmart cheaper than that.’ I say, ‘go to Walmart and buy it.’”

But he knows plenty who do.

That’s why when you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal this year Peth hopes you don’t forget where it came from.

“Be thankful that someone was farming and conscientious enough to raise you a turkey and be thankful he’s there and support him. Because that’s one thing farmers don’t get enough of is support.”

Many of the animals on Peth’s farm are actually used in a petting zoo and not for food.

If you’d like to contact Peth Farm about a petting zoo or a visit you can call 912-429-6198

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