More SCCPSS students look to return to the classroom next semester

Updated: Nov. 20, 2020 at 3:41 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Preparations are well underway for the second semester for Savannah-Chatham Students.

When classes resume in the new year several will be stepping into the building for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began back in March.

The results are in for the latest Savannah-Chatham survey showing 5,000 additional students are looking to return to the classroom in the new year.

“Right now we have about 13,000 students that are on the list to return second semester to hybrid learning.”

30,000 surveys went out to Savannah-Chatham families to see how they wanted to continue the school year. The district got back 16,000 responses with 7,000 opting to remain virtual, 4,000 choosing to stay hybrid as they have done and an additional 5,000 students wanted to return to their school.

Teachers will also be returning to their classes on January 4 unless they are exempted, though officials are still working to identify how many there will be. In addition to selecting how they will return to school in the new semester, the survey also looked at transportation as district leaders look at routes, social distancing and more.

“It provides us the information as to who absolutely needs the transportation and who, what parents have declined it so only 43 percent of parents that answered the survey said that they would take advantage of transportation services if they were offered, over 50 percent said they would not. So that tells us that our hybrid parents do have concerns and that they do value health and safety regulations,” said Executive Director of Accountability Assessment and Reporting Services, Joe Austin.

District officials say with these results in hand they will begin working on cohorts and their transportation plan. The second semester begins on January 5 with the first week being virtual and hybrid learning set for the 11th.

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