Local photographer snaps ‘safe’ Santa pictures

Local photographer snaps ‘safe’ Santa pictures

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -The holidays are a time of year when families partake in various traditions. One of those traditions is sitting on Santa’s lap. Santa made a visit to little boys and girls in Savannah on Saturday, coming all the way from the North Pole on Saturday to take some magical photos.

Angela Hopper captured moment and after moment with children and Santa in several ‘Santa Mini Sessions.’ Hopper says she didn’t want families to miss out on the opportunity to see Santa and share lasting memories.

In order to keep everyone safe, they had to sanitize before going into their private session. Hopper says she also made sure the set was spaced out enough so that Santa could interact with them without having to always be right up against them. In some pictures, Santa gave the kids touchless hugs, engaged in a snowball fight, and simply struck a pose with them.

“With the Christmas pictures, just being able to do that, makes things feel normal,” said Hopper. “That’s so important for everybody, especially the kids. Their lives are so different this year and last year and just how things aren’t as consistent and not as happy all the time.”

Hopper says she wanted to help spread the joy by giving back and is donating 10% of what each session costs to local animal charities

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