More people getting ‘lit’ early this holiday season in Savannah

Local luxury decorating company sees big increase in business heading into the holidays

More people getting ‘lit’ early this holiday season in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we approach Thanksgiving, many are already looking ahead to Christmas.

Which is something one Savannah based company is banking on as they’ve been busier than ever decorating homes for the holiday season.

For many, it’s become a literal bright spot in a dark year.

“Just like everyone else, we have had an interesting 2020,” says Leigh Weikert.

So, what better way to forget about it than decorating for the holidays.

“In this time in the world, we all need a little bright and cheery,” Weikert adds.

But of course, decorating itself isn’t always an easy or fun process.

“I did not want my husband, after a busy Thanksgiving season, to have to climb ladders, straddle balconies. Lord know what would happen with that,” jokes Weikert.

Which is where “Get Lit Savannah” comes into play.

“So, we’re an outdoor luxury decorating service,” says the company’s owner Josh Galbreath.

A win-win for Weikert.

“This is possibly going to save my husband’s life and beautify our neighborhood at the same time. We’re super excited.”

As it turns out, Weikert is far from the only one taking advantage of this service.

“A lot more activity this year for sure than last year and I think it could have a lot to do with what a terrible year it’s been,” said Galbreath.

More people, and earlier too.

“We started after Halloween hanging two or three a day,” and at the end of the season will have done close to 80 houses.

For Galbreath, he thinks this year his clients are decorating for more than just themselves.

“They want people to drive by and experience some joy. So, what better way than Christmas lights?”

Spreading joy and flipping the switch on 2020.

“We are just ready to light it up and we’re really just ready to say goodbye to 2020,” said Weikert.

“Get Lit Savannah” supplies all their own lights and decorations and takes them down as well.

They say they typically wrap up their decorating season around Dec. 5 so there’s still time for you to get “Lit.”

To contact Get Lit Savannah click here.

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