Local ministry feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving

For the first time ever Catherine Jones Ministries held a Thanksgiving Day food and clothes giveaway

Local ministry feeds the hungry on Thanksgiving

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While many enjoyed Thanksgiving with close family today, others spent their day giving back.

Sacrificing time with their families to feed those who may not have one of their own. Filling stomachs but more importantly filling hearts with something we could all use a little of - hope.

The Whitefield Center is where you could find Catherine Jones Thanksgiving morning. Alongside volunteers preparing a feast, but not for themselves.

“We desire to be a blessing. To feed the homeless,” said Jones.

Around 100 meals boxed up and taken over to Thomas Park to be handed out. Something they’re doing for the first time this year after noticing the need.

“Thanksgiving, everybody is doing something but it’s the week of Thanksgiving that they’re doing things and not on Thanksgiving Day,” Jones says.

A pleasant surprise for those who came, like Rapheal Dalmida.

“I have to be Thankful; it goes with the theme.”

While the food was a treat, “it tastes good going down you know,” said Dalmida.

The real blessing wasn’t the meal.

“What matters is them taking the time to come out here with strangers you know.”

But for Jones they aren’t strangers, and this is exactly where she was meant to be.

“They are my family; they are my friends. I’m out here with them all year long and I just felt in my heart God wanted me to serve them on today, Thanksgiving Day.”

Sure, this isn’t where many had planned to spend their holiday.

“I thought I’d spend thanksgiving maybe at a Golden Corral maybe,” joked Dalmida.

But along with food, and some clothes, those who came also left with something far more valuable, a reminder.

“We’re not just grateful when we get a meal. We’re not just grateful when things go our way. We’re grateful every time we exhale and inhale.”

We all have something to be thankful for.

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