Small business created during pandemic thrives

Small business created during pandemic thrives

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -One husband and wife duo developed their business during the pandemic right from their house. Now they having this business has been a positive experience during such a negative time.

“I texted Robert and said ‘just go by and grab me a Cricket.’ I’m going to order some supplies on Amazon, we’ll get them in quick before everything gets terrible and I’ll have something to do,” said Kimberly Anderson.

This Cricket, some supplies and a shelter in place order was the beginning of something the Anderson’s say has turned out to be a lifestyle.

“In the first week we had 24 cup orders,” she said. ”We were up day and night.”

Personalized shirts, accessories, tumblers, and more all hand-crafted in what used to be a spare bedroom.

“This one was glittered and then I did like a burnishing on the glitter to lay all of the glitter down.”

Kreations By Kimberly started with these bows. But a ton of YouTube videos later, the Andersons say their business has become so much more. They’ve even coined this term for their T-shirts

“This one has the crab on it. Not everybody understands the crab thing the way that we understand it! We have another one that’s of course a pirate because of Pirate Fest,” said Anderson.

The Andersons say they support other small businesses too for things like the glitter and tumblers they buy for their projects.

“We have noticed that people are turning to smaller businesses and more unique gift items.”

They even built their own machines by using material from another small business.

“I went through and got their diagrams and I just put them together.”

“If they’re turning, centripetal force is constantly leveling the top coat that’s on it so that you get that nice even coat.”

The Andersons say they’ve made a great source of income in a time that could have been devastating. They say it’s even bonded them as a couple and taught them more about themselves.

“It brought out a side of me that I didn’t know I had. I didn’t know I could be creative.”

The Andersons say they do have big plans and ideas for future projects, but that secret won’t be let out just yet.

“It all started out of something that could’ve been so negative for us.”

When you leave their house, you can expect a touch of glitter to come with you.

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