Beaufort Co. School District discusses plans for next semester

Beaufort Co. School District discusses plans for next semester

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County has heard from parents and more than half of the district will be going back to school in person, five days a week.

The new format starts next semester.

“Well, right now we are really excited. We’ve got a slight increase in the turn out in the total number of families who have opted to send their kids back to face-to-face when we return for the semester,” said Deputy Superintendent Duke Bradley.

Now that Beaufort County is only offering school entirely online or entirely in person, no hybrid option, parent preferences are changing. This semester, 64 percent of students are learning in the hybrid model while 36 percent are learning online. Those numbers, have changed. Next semester, 69 percent of students will be learning in person five days a week and 31 percent will be learning online.

The district believes they’ve learned how to manage all of these students

“Since the hybrid model, we’ve had a chance to test those and get feedback as well.”

The hybrid model worked for many families. 12-year-old Carson Colmer says he hasn’t minded it.

“I like how I get like, to switch off. You know, not have to go to school every day,” Colmer said.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not excited for next semester.

“Yeah. I want to go back off five days of school.”

He says he is excited.

The district says they believe face-to-face education is the most effective and they are prepared to bring more students into the building.

“We’ve been through this process, just with fewer students. And so as we will be transitioning to have more students in our buildings, we feel really confident about the things we’ve done so far.”

And while they don’t have a plan for when they might change things, they say they will respond to numbers sent in by DHEC, as needed.

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