Abandoned packages find their way home thanks to Good Samaritan

More than a dozen packages were left by an Amazon driver in a Savannah neighborhood
Amazon packages abandoned in Savannah
Amazon packages abandoned in Savannah(Rachel Griener)
Updated: Dec. 2, 2020 at 7:55 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It was a pretty typical day at home for Rachel Griener on Monday.

“I was cleaning my house and the Amazon van pulls up. He pulls up like every day at my house, so I was like, ‘great!’”

But when he didn’t come to her door and then quickly pulled away, Griener noticed something strange.

“There were all these packages under the majestic oak, which is the giant tree across from my house.”

More than a dozen packages, addressed to people all over Savannah, abandoned.

Leaving Griener more than a little confused.

“I walked outside thinking, ‘is this a publicity stunt? What’s happening?’”

But of course, it wasn’t.

So, she called Amazon, and after being passed around for a while she finally got her answer.

“They said if nobody comes to pick them up from Amazon in 48 hours you can have the items. So, keep them or donate them.”

An answer she didn’t like.

“I was like, ‘that’s not going to work for me.’”

So, she took it into her own hands, posting a picture and the names from the packages to Facebook.

Before she knew it the responses were rolling in, and the packages were rolling out.

“People started coming and picking them up and it was great. They were like, ‘oh this is my neighbor, this is my neighbor.’ People were just good and helpful.”

Rachel happily standing guard.

“You know, I had my glass of wine and it was fine, so I just stood there until they were gone.”

In a year that has gotten the best of many of us.

“2020 has been brutal so I can definitely see where he was having the kind of day where he wanted to throw packages out the window,” joked Griener.

Perhaps the biggest gift we can give is a little compassion and some faith in each other.

“I think people are generally good and if we can assume that about one another maybe we’ll have a better 2021.”

WTOC did reach out to Amazon regarding the incident and the company issued the following statement:

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery associates. We take these matters seriously and this individual is no longer delivering packages on behalf of Amazon. We are working with impacted customers to make things right.”

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