Deadline approaching for next semester virtual learning option in Evans Co.

Deadline approaching for next semester virtual learning option in Evans Co.

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The deadline for families in Evans County to decide whether they want to enroll their student in the school systems virtual learning program is slowly approaching. A survey was sent out to parents earlier in the summer to see what they would prefer.

Superintendent Marty waters says since the start of the school year, about 23 percent of students have decided to remain fully virtual, while about 50 kids have decided to return back to the classroom for face-to-face learning and he says that’s all due to lack of internet access or just struggles that come with virtual learning.

“In a rural district with a lot of poverty issues that we face here in Evans County, it is a struggle, but we understand the reason that parents are choosing to keep their kids home,” Waters said.

Waters says whether it’s virtual or face-to-face, they’re doing everything they can to provide students with a great learning experience. He says as the deadline approaches for families to decide, they expect the numbers to stay consistent with what they’ve already been seeing pending any COVID-19 cases.

“We’re seeing in communities around us, including ours, an uptick in numbers. We’ve been very fortunate; we’ve only had two cases starting back in September where we’ve actually had to quarantine kids from cases that were contracted at school,” Waters said.

He says there could even be some changes made to accommodate students who choose to come back to face-to-face learning.

“The elementary is of course the largest population we’ve had. Those teachers, if they come back face-to-face, will be different unless we see a whole class conversion. Middle school and high school, those have a virtual facilitator because those are more self-driven, kids are engaging into the curriculum through that program not through a teacher,” Waters said.

Dec. 18 deadline to decide if a student wants to enroll in the virtual learning program.

The current semester ends Jan 22. Next semester starts Jan. 27.

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