Man saved after 2 perform CPR with help from dispatch

Updated: Dec. 4, 2020 at 5:06 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Three months after going into cardiac arrest while running at Lake Mayer, a Savannah man was able to thank the Chatham County paramedics who helped save him.

“On this particular day, we ran two poles, walked two poles, ran two poles, walked two poles,” said Jim Jennings, who runs with Neville Stein.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can expect to see Jennings and Stein getting some steps in around Lake Mayer.

“We were running 20 years ago, or more,” Stein said.

However, on Sept. 15, their morning run turned into a life-or-death situation.

“As I was walking, I just noticed Neville wasn’t at my side, and when I turned around, he kind of hopped on one leg two-three times, and he went to the ground. I tried to catch him, but I couldn’t,” Jennings said. “That was when I knew he was having a heart attack.”

According to Jennings, no more than 20 seconds after, he and another man nearby started CPR.

Stein said he has no memory of it.

“It was pretty dramatic, people jumping on my chest apparently, but I was just not there,” Stein said.

Thankfully the other two men were, as they were being guided by dispatch, how to perform CPR.

“Mr. Jennings, Mr. Brown and the dispatch are really the heroes in this situation,” said Chatham Emergency Services District Chief Doug Lewis. “Without them, we wouldn’t be standing here having this conversation.”

Stein also wouldn’t haven been able to meet the paramedics who helped resuscitate him.

“The electrical activity of your heart changed 11 times; different patterns and beats,” Lewis explained to Stein.

“Wow!,” exclaimed Stein.

Someone in cardiac arrest is something paramedics deal with daily, but for a regular person, Jennings described it as intense.

“I’ve learned a lot after that, quite a bit,” Jennings said.

Both Jennings and Stein said they plan to take a class in the future.

“Knowledge is power,” said Lewis.

Chatham Emergency Services recommends the public to look into classes with the local American Heart Association.

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