Technology being used to clean Beaufort Co. schools

Technology being used to clean Beaufort Co. schools

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Keeping schools safe and clean during this pandemic is a priority for state and school leaders.

The Beaufort County School District is using new machines to disinfect classrooms and buildings.

“I feel better using this than the actual spray bottles because he gets the whole area,” janitor Paul Wright Jr. said.

Wright is describing an electrostatic sprayer.

“Every school has one of these machines,” Chief Operations Officer Robert Oetting said.

The school system decided to purchase the disinfectant machines to help protect students going back to school in person. They bought 40 machines at $10,000 each, totaling $400,000.

“So, these were purchased with CARES Act funding.”

And the district says the benefit of these machines is despite that relatively small size just an hour running can fill up an entire theater and disinfect every inch.

The machines are filled with disinfectant. It sprays small bursts that clean any area it is put in.

“So, I would say the biggest benefit of these is when there’s actually a positive case, if we know someone has had it in a room, we can bring this machine into that room and it fogs an entire area and as soon as that fog settles, it is then safe to go in that room because it sanitized and disinfected the entire room.”

The district says the addition of the machines has helped people feel safer.

“I think now that we have them, people feel safer with their facilities and they are habitable no matter what happens.”

“They really just want to know what’s going on. They want to stay informed and know what processes we have in place,” said Chad Cox, with Battery Creek High School.

Right now, the machines are used every Wednesday before the new block of students arrive.

“But when we go to five days a week, we are going to use them every night.”

And the district says the benefit of buying these machines now is that once coronavirus does subside, they can be used again to disinfect rooms anytime they might be needed.

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