Bargain hunting for the holidays with CNET

Bargain hunting for the holidays with CNET

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Christmas is just around the corner, and many of you are probably still picking up those last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

WTOC spoke to CNET’s Jason Hiner for some advice on how to snag some great deals this time of year. He says there are two main pieces of advice to follow when looking for a bargain. First, just because you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t mean you can’t find some good discounts. Second, do some research before you buy an item advertised online as “on sale.”

“There’s kind of this myth that the best deals are all just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or cyber week, and it’s really not the case. A lot of those deals extend through the whole holiday season and then a lot of deals also pop up right as companies are looking to make sure sales go really well and to optimize sales, there are lots of last minute sales to be had. There are times where and especially this is easy to do in digital, where companies will bump up the price of something, they’ll list this artificially high suggested price or retail price or that kind of thing and they put it on sale. We’ll really they’re coming back down to the normal price. So if you think you’re getting a good deal, google it a little bit and see you know other deals where you can see you know when this went on sale before was it higher than this, like is it truly lower than all the other times in the past, because a lot of times when you search you’ll see older deals on the same product or other prices, sometimes you’ll see lower prices.”

He also says you can also get some great deals by showing the retailer you want to use that you find the same product cheaper at another store. Don’t shy away from doing this just because a retailer doesn’t advertise a price match policy.

“Even if they don’t advertise price matching if you see it lower at another store, but you want to buy it or you’re at another store and they have it, then, by all means, try to do it, especially for in-person, obviously. Because a lot of companies their policy is to price match it. They would rather you buy it there and they make a little bit even if their profit margins are thin than if you go somewhere else and get it.”

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