Students in Effingham Co. now have free access to Live Oak Public Libraries resources

The PLAY Program which began in Chatham County has now expanded

Students in Effingham Co. now have free access to Live Oak Public Libraries resources

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - In a time where things are perhaps more digital than ever before, Live Oaks Public Library is now expanding a program to offer more resources to students.

A program they’ve already seen have success in Chatham County.

“We have a student coming into our Island’s Library and the librarian noticed he was coming in every day to read the same book,” said Live Oaks Executive Director David Singleton.

The book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

“She came up to him one day and she said, ‘I noticed you’ve been reading this why don’t you just check it out?’” Singleton added.

The answer, he didn’t have a library card.

But that’s not where the story ended.

“She said, ‘I have great news for you.’”

The great news, because of the PLAY program he had access to all the material free of charge just for being a student in Chatham County.

“He checked out that book that day and was the happiest boy in the world,” said Singleton.

It’s stories like which encouraged Live Oaks to think even bigger.

“We’ve now expanded to Effingham County Public Schools,” Singleton says.

A move that was welcomed with open arms by the school district.

“The board and the Superintendent were all very excited about the possibility of increasing the number of resources available to our students, especially digital resources,” said Effingham County School District Director of Technology & Media Services Jeff Lariscy.

Just how many resources?

“In our system alone over 600-thousand items are available to them,” answered Singleton.

That doesn’t include the roughly 11 million items available through the Pines network.

And all you need to access them.

“Their virtual card, their (student) ID number.”

The best part?

“That there are no fines,” Singleton says.

Live Oaks and Effingham County coming together to offer children the chance to write their own happy ending.

Live Oaks says they are now working to expand the PLAY Program even more, eventually making it available to students in Liberty County as well.

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