Taking a closer look at Rincon’s 2021 budget

Rincon City Council voted to pass the budget for the coming yet unanimously Monday

Taking a closer look at Rincon’s 2021 budget

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - One of the fastest growing cities in Effingham County has now passed their budget for 2021

Rincon City Council approved the budget unanimously earlier this week.

“These are tough times. We have residents who have lost their jobs. We have residents that are on fixed incomes,” said Rincon City Manager John Klimm.

That’s exactly what Klimm says they had in mind while working on the 2021 budget.

“Our council is very mindful of living within our means.”

Doing so by keeping things tight financially for the coming year.

“The proposal that they approved increases the general fund budget by 1.2 percent,” said Klimm.

Compared to a typical 2 to 4 percent increase they’ve seen in years past. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get a lot done.

Including two new police positions and a new program.

“They’re going to create a citizens police academy to improve the relationship between our community and police department,” Klimm says.

The city budget wasn’t only good news for the Rincon Police Department, but for the fire department which is in need of some equipment upgrades.

“We were able to fund the acquisition of a new pumper for our fire department which is a really good thing.”

Also, in the budget for the first time in years, “a five-year capital improvement program for major construction projects.”

Plus, with the recent passage of TSPLOST they’ll be able to address a number of road issues as well.

Despite a tough year Klimm believes Rincon has been able to do a lot with a little setting them up for success down the road.

“I’m very proud of our mayor and council that they were able to approve a budget that didn’t use our savings.”

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