Liberty Regional Medical Center prepared to receive vaccine shipment next week

Liberty Regional Medical Center prepared to receive vaccine shipment next week

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While Georgia hospitals begin administering COVID-19 vaccines to their healthcare workers, others are preparing for the delivery of the vaccine.

Hinesville’s Liberty Regional Medical Center expects to get its shipment next week.

Liberty Regional Medical Center is set to receive 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine and the preparation for that shipment started this week.

“All this week, we have been sending out a lot of education, to all of our healthcare workers, both hospital, EMS and also we have a nursing home,” Liberty Regional Medical Center CEO Tammy Mims said.

Mims says it was important to provide workers, nursing home residents and their families with research about the Moderna vaccine as they decide to get vaccinated or not.

“How effective it is? What could potentially be some of the side effects? Things like that,” Mims said.

A survey has already been sent out to frontline workers asking if they plan to get the shot.

“We will stagger the administration of that, so in case we do have some side effects, we don’t want the entire department or all the people on the same shift,” Mims said.

Mims says Liberty Regional has been lucky with not experiencing a surge in COVID-19 patients, but the vaccine is a dose of hope as Georgia health care workers continue to fight the virus.

Mims is also urging Liberty County residents to not let their guard down now that vaccines are being distributed. She says people should still practice social distancing and wear a face covering.

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