Swearing-in ceremony held for new Liberty County sheriff

Swearing-in ceremony held for new Liberty County sheriff

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Liberty County swore in its new sheriff Wednesday morning.

William Bowman beat incumbent Sheriff Steve Sikes in the June primary.

Sheriff-elect Bowman described Wednesday’s ceremony as a momentous occasion. He also said it shows the citizens of Liberty County wanted change, and he’s confident he can bring that to the community.

With his right hand held high, and his left hand on the Bible, Bowman took his oath to serve the Liberty County community.

Service is nothing new to Bowman, as he has several years of military and law enforcement experience under his belt.

According to Bowman, he hasn’t come up with specific goals just yet, as he wants to find out first what is working and what isn’t working within the sheriff’s office.

Bowman added he is looking at expanding, as the community continues to grow. He also plans to focus on more community policing, especially within Liberty County schools.

Bowman recognized that there is a nationwide distrust for law enforcement. He hopes to solve that by communicating with residents.

“Let them know exactly what’s going on, not having them wondering what’s going on. I want to be very proactive in the community and establishing what policies we have and what is expected of an officer and what is expected of a citizen itself. We all have our own biases, but we all have to learn to work together,” Bowman said.

Bowman officially starts as Liberty County sheriff on Jan. 1.

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