Some of your resolutions for the new year

We hit the streets of Savannah to see what resolutions people have for 2021

Some of your resolutions for the new year

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we welcomed 2020 one year ago, we did so with great expectations.

Expectations we now know it certainly didn’t live up to.

“I just hope that it ends soon,” joked one man in downtown Savannah.

Perhaps shattering some of our big dreams.

“I didn’t make the million dollars and I didn’t get married but that is all in God’s will because I am not ready for marriage,” said Edward Fox.

But of course, hindsight is 2020.

None the less with a new year comes a renewed sense of hope.

“So, I hope 2021 will be much better than 2020. Kind of, good riddance,” said Mr. Kumar.

Plus some new, even unique resolutions.

“We’re going to take off our COVID-19. That means we gained a little weight with this COVID, just a little,” joked Shawna McGee.

There were typical answers.

“It’s a really cliché one but I do want to work on my fitness.”

Even some who disagreed.

“Yeah, not go to the liquor store as much anymore,” said Shannon McGee

“Okay, well I’m not going to not go to the liquor store as much,” responded Shawna McGee.

Then there were those that maybe we all could resolve to do.

“My only resolution is just to stay positive, go after all my dreams and aspirations,” said Stardacia Hudson.

“Show more love. Just be loving to anybody you come into contact with,” added Fox.

Putting it nicely 2020 was tough.

“I’ve cried a lot. I think this is the year I might have cried the most,” said Fox.

But it’s made us tough.

“Guess what? I’m here I’m stronger,” Fox adds.

It also reminded us of what’s truly important.

“Appreciate the one’s around you and the one’s that bring you blessings,” said Shawna McGee.

So, perhaps there’s even some things from 2020 we can bring with us into the New Year.

“Any final words for 2020?”

“Oh yeah, please don’t come again.”

Or leave behind.

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