South Carolina state senator responds to Wednesday’s riot at US Capitol

South Carolina state senator responds to Wednesday’s riot at US Capitol

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - State Senator Tom Davis, from South Carolina, represents thousands of people across the Lowcountry in Jasper and Beaufort counties.

“Absolutely shocked and appalled at what happened yesterday in Washington D.C.,” Sen. Davis said.

Senator Davis say Wednesday’s riot never should have happened. Even more, the president should have spoken out against them.

“He needed to be more unequivocable. He needed to be clearer and more concise and to absolutely condemn what was going on,” Sen. Davis said.

The republican state senator has held office for a dozen years. He says Republicans in the Lowcountry need to accept the 2020 election results.

“If we don’t respect the process and respect our institutions, we’ve lost what makes this republic great,” he said.

As the state Senate goes back into session next week, he was asked if he was worried something similar could happen In Columbia, S.C.

“And we’ve never had an instance like this. We’ve never had an instance where a group of people attempted to storm the state house and occupy the chamber of the house and senate as if that were some legitimate way for them to express their frustrations or their views,” Sen. Davis said.

He has one message to Republicans who are frustrated.

“Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Figure out how to make a better argument.”

And says now is the time to support democracy.

“We had an election. Joe Biden won that election. The state certified the results, it went to Congress and it was in the electoral college where they did their voting and it was confirmed yesterday in Congress. He’s going to be our president. We need to figure out how to make better arguments going forward.”

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