Tybee Island to have virtual presentation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tybee Island to have virtual presentation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Tybee Island is ready to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day next week, but like many other events, they’ve altered how they’ll be doing it.

There won’t be crowds and gatherings this year for the annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. However, the Tybee MLK organization put together a virtual presentation that Coordinator Julia Pearce says is just as important for people to participate in.

“You take part in the holiday by serving your community and serving your fellow man and woman. That’s how you take part in Dr. King’s dream and so we can still do that because he said everyone can be great because everyone can serve,” Pearce said.

Pearce says the video presentation will include Chatham County students who wrote essays, a speech from the NAACP President of Savannah and a singing performance. The theme this year is “The Fierce Urgency of Now,” which Pearce says was a phrase coined by Dr. King.

“We’re asking that we as a community come together and love one another,” Pearce said.

In July of 2020, Tybee City Council passed a race equity resolution in response to the racial injustice across the country. Council member Nancy DeVetter says this year they hope to continue carrying out the six parts of the resolution.

“Tybee does want to reflect diversity and, you know, differences of opinion and difference in backgrounds,” DeVetter said.

DeVetter says this includes things like making Juneteenth an official city holiday, putting up historical displays, diversity training for city staff. DeVetter says MLK Day only started to be recognized by the city in the early 90s.

“People have been fighting for equality and justice for a very long time. I’m excited that the City of Tybee has put it in writing. I know we want to fight for that too,” DeVetter said.

“We have to remember the purpose and our purpose is to care for one another. Our purpose is to make sure each of us can live the American dream together,” Pearce said.

Pearce encourages everyone to tune into the city’s website or the Tybee MLK Facebook page to watch their presentation video on MLK Day. She says it’ll be posted sometime in the morning.

City officials say they also expect to see a lot of progress with the resolution throughout the year.

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