Changes made to Effingham Co. MLK celebration for safety

Changes made to Effingham Co. MLK celebration for safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Like many communities, Effingham County was forced to change their plans for this year’s celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Although it looked different, the message of Dr. King was stronger than ever.

There was no parade through downtown Springfield. No crowds lining the sidewalks. Instead, cars sitting in a field.

“Well, it looks different due to the pandemic.”

Effingham County holding a drive-up celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King Observance Day.

“We expect different but yet the same.”

This year’s grand marshal, Rev. Dr. Leo Burns.

“I’m so delighted today to be part of something that truly means a lot to me. It means life,” Rev. Burns said.

The changes to the celebrations, not dampening Rev. Burns spirit.

“No, it doesn’t take away, it adds to it. Because, in all things we can still stand, no matter what it is,” Rev. Burns said.

In fact, the parade’s chair, Rev. Lon Harden, not seeing this is a loss, but as an opportunity to live out some of the very same principles as Dr. King.

“In spite of circumstances, in spite of odds and something things that surround us in this current day of 2021 that we’re still pressing forward. That’s what he did. He pressed forward in the most hostile environments, the most uneasy environments. So, therefore we’re still yet pushing forward,” Rev. Harden said.

Pushing forward.

“Then I look at today’s times.”

Seeing how far they’ve come.

“Where we’re able to do much more than we did before.”

But knowing still.

“I believe what King said, ‘we’re not there yet.’”

But on this day, in a field outside of the fairgrounds, reflecting on the life of Dr. King, perhaps we took an important step in showing despite the odds, one day we will arrive.

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