Dr. King’s legacy lives on in places he may have never visited

Dr. King’s legacy lives on in places he may have never visited

GUYTON, Ga. (WTOC) - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s time with us may have been cut short but his legacy lives on today.

Even in those who never met him, in towns he never went to.

This small church, in this small town.

“There may have been a story that he came through but not stopped.”

May have never played host to the late Dr. King. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t here.

In fact, you might still hear him, in the words echoed by Reverend Lon Harden of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.

“With his dream, his passion about equality.”

Or maybe he was there standing alongside those fighting just to celebrate the day named in his honor.

“It wasn’t like it is now, of course, there were a lot of obstacles and challenges within the county to get things the way they are because, of course, it was something new,” Rev. Harden said.

Giving us the strength to fight whatever may come.

“Therefore, when there is something challenging, like the pandemic that we all faced, that we are not willing to say, ‘okay we just won’t do anything.’ Instead we say, ‘how can we make it work in spite of our current situation,’” Rev. Harden said.

And a belief that change can happen.

“There was a lot of changes that didn’t take place until after he was gone. So, sometimes in our lives we don’t see the change that we want. It sometimes comes after our lives because then people may see the real purpose of our intentions,” he said.

So, no. Dr. King never came to this church, or this town. But he was here, and it seems he still is.

“It’s so profound that we do celebrate him, in spite of. Because he is worthy, but his dream and his cause still live on in each one of us.”

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