Kroger pharmacies distributing COVID-19 vaccine to customers

Kroger pharmacies distributing COVID-19 vaccine to customers

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Kroger announced their pharmacies now have the vaccine and plan on distributing it to their customers in the Phase 1A.

You’ve probably shopped there before, but now there’s another reason people are heading to their local Kroger. To get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“To date, I believe we have given just under 10,000 vaccinations in Georgia so far.”

The company got its first shipment of Moderna’s vaccine last week. They have been working around the clock to distribute it and say the demand is high. While they are doing their best, they ask for patience as appointments are based on vaccine availability.

Officials with Kroger say they are working with the state to place additional orders knowing many will seek their help to get the vaccine.

“I think community pharmacies is really a great foundation to be able to use us as providers for this vaccine. There are definitely if you look around the country, definitely, pharmacies are much more accessible then getting to a doctor or clinic and there are some even rural counties in Georgia that don’t even have healthcare providers so I think our role is absolutely critical in making sure that we can vaccinate all of our patients,” said Michelle Blalock, Pharmacy Leader Manager with Kroger.

Kroger leaders say as soon as they get doses of the vaccine or even a cancellation, they post availability online.

The vaccine is also being offered at other area locations. The Coastal Health District has a running list of providers you can reach out to, but leaders say not everyone is listed online so you should check with your healthcare facility.

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