Programs continue to provide support for students virtually learning months later

Programs continue to provide support for students virtually learning months later

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Virtual learning has been a big adjustment not only for Savannah-Chatham County Public School System teachers, students, and families but also for local organizations looking to support them.

The Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club opened a virtual learning program in August to help families and continue to do so now.

For the past six months, Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club has been offering school inside their building.

“I think it has been great in the sense that although the students cannot get the one-on-one work with their teachers, they are still able to get help from the staff members here and still kind of get that feeling of being in the classroom when they don’t understand a concept,” said C’Asia Griffin, Education and Technology Coordinator.

With COVID-19 protocol in place nearly 60 students in 3rd through 8th grade head to the Boys and Girls Club daily for E-club to help with virtual learning. Students say learning online hasn’t been an easy switch.

“You know paying attention in class is way easier than paying attention when there’s no authority to be there,” said 6th grader Jacob Davis.

But for Jacob learning has been much easier with the help of the virtual learning program. Not only do they provide help during the school day, but also lunch and activities after school too.

“They do a lot and they try to help out as much as they can with the pandemic, but it’s nice,” said Davis.

Boys and Girls Club leaders say when Savannah-Chatham students were in hybrid learning their attendance dropped, but they expect that to change now that virtual learning has returned. They say the program will continue as needed with the same motivation they had 6 months ago- to help families and be there for students.

“I think just always keep your energy up always have a positive attitude about things and that just makes everything better because we know that we’re not alone everyone’s experiencing this across the world,” said Griffin.

The Boys and Girls Club is still accepting applications for their virtual learning program. It costs $20 per week and you must have an annual membership. To learn more about the E-club or to register you can call 912-233-2939.

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) also is supporting families with children virtually learning.

They started offering SOLVE Scholarships in September which provide financial support for childcare. Since then they expanded the program to help children and young adults with disabilities as well.

Officials with DECAL tell us they have awarded 470 scholarships to children within the Savannah-Chatham County School District. That’s about 11 percent of the total 4,303 kids served in the state.

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