Elementary students discuss significance of Inauguration Day while virtual learning

Students Learn About Inauguration - clipped version

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As millions tuned into President Joe Biden’s inauguration, so too did 1st graders at Marshpoint Elementary. Though they were learning virtually, their teacher planned a special lesson for the historic occasion.

It’s no secret teachers work hard to teach their students about the real world, so it’s not a surprise that Kathy Whitney was discussing the inauguration with her first graders.

Though it’s a Savannah-Chatham independent learning day, students in Ms. Whitney’s first grade class were getting a lesson in government.

“It’s history being made and we want to make sure that our kids feel like they are a part of that process and that they are important to the country and to making it, continuing it and making sure we have a strong democracy with strong leaders,” Whitney said.

There’s no agenda or partisan politics, but rather a look at history in process. Students got a cartoon tour of the White House, created a float for the virtual parade and even delivered speeches from the president’s podium.

Whitney says we all can learn something from her 1st grade students. She says hearing from them provides hope for our future. Though the lesson isn’t meant to tell students how to feel about politics, she hopes they walk away with a deeper understanding of this country and their role in it.

“I just hope that they learn or just discover a little bit more how wonderful our country is and that yes there’s always room to improve and we can always get better as a country, but that we’re in this together and you know despite political parties or political differences you know our goal as politicians as teachers as citizens is to make America a better place and I think that that starts right here now,” Whitney said.

Whitney says she’s glad her students can watch as our country makes history and hopes that they believe they too can achieve greatness.

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