Gov. McMaster visits Hilton Head Hospital, gives update on vaccination rollout

Gov. McMaster visits Hilton Head Hospital, gives update on vaccination rollout

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster made a stop at the Hilton Head Hospital Friday afternoon to tour the hospital and see where vaccinations are being administered.

Governor McMaster says many hospitals did have a slow start with administering the vaccines, but now that things are cleared up, he’s happy to see how hospitals are utilizing their supplies.

Governor McMaster says hospitals, like Hilton Head Hospital, are getting doses in and it’s not even taking a week for them to run out. He says each week new shipments are coming into those hospitals. McMaster says no vaccines are being wasted.

He says DHEC is even taking volunteers such as retired nurses, doctors, and medical students to help hospitals give the vaccines. Governor McMaster says for all of those who had their appointments canceled that they can only give what they have right now, saying Operation Warp Speed has a limited amount they can give. McMaster says the state is still guaranteed to get its share of more than 800,000 doses. The state is expected to receive 60,000 Pfizer vaccines per week.

#WATCH: Gov. McMaster is answering questions after touring the Hilton Head hospital.

Posted by WTOC-TV on Friday, January 22, 2021

”We got about 94,000, that some of the hospitals have, that we gotta get in arms quick. That amount is not enough for everybody and we will not have enough for everybody who wants one until maybe a month, maybe 6 weeks, maybe 3 weeks. We don’t know, but we will not get less than we are getting now,” said Gov. McMaster.

Governor McMaster says of course the demand is higher than what they can supply right now. He sees the process becoming much more efficient by March.

“All of the hospitals understand that they are to give those doses that they receive, however many it is, as quickly as they can. They should be empty by the time the next shipment comes in, which is one week later. As I said, we had some lack of organization or understanding of the protocols in the beginning. Those have been made clear just within the last week.”

McMaster says about 60 pharmacies are currently operating and distributing the Moderna vaccine in the state. He says he expects that number to jump to 600 in the coming weeks.

Governor McMaster says the hospitals are ready for larger shipments when they come. He reminds everyone to still follow the protocols and wear PPE.

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