Belfast Keller Rd. interchange opens to traffic

Belfast Keller Rd. interchange opens to traffic - clipped version

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s no doubt people have been anxiously waiting for the interchange and roundabout to finally open at Belfast Keller Road and county leaders are certainly no exception. Many people have been driving by and slowing down to admire the project and it’s one county leaders say it’s been a long time coming.

If you’ve driven through south Bryan County in the last year or so, chances are you’ve had to take a detour at some point to get around all of the construction.

Well, fast forward a year and many would say the new Belfast Keller interchange off of Interstate 95 is definitely something to honk about. And of course something to talk about.

County leaders say the new roundabout and interchange will not only increase traffic flow for people coming to the south end of the county, but it will also enhance safety.

“For me personally it’s a big safety issue for us now, you know we were always concerned about getting people evacuated out of south Bryan, really deep south Bryan county. This is an opportunity now to have another way and avenue to get out of the county and get out of harm’s way when hurricanes come,” said Carter Infinger, the Bryan County Commission Chairman.

Infinger says the $19 million project was a great effort between county, state and city officials and with the area booming with new developments, he says this is only adding to that growth.

“This area will obviously be developed now so for the economy and economics of our community, it’s just a great all around project.”

And when it comes to emergencies in the county, Bryan County emergency services will now have multiple way to get to I-95, helping reduce response time.

“We have a station over there off of Highway 17 and when it goes out we have to send another unit to cover that area and they have to go all the way around down Harris Trail, but now we can have a station right here on the east side of I-95 so now we can just travel very quickly with a shorter distance to I-95,” said Freddy Howell, chief of Bryan County Emergency Services.

Howell says though it was tough watching the project come to life, it is going to make a big difference moving forward.

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