Effingham Co. Chamber announces changes to two popular events

Their annual Day at the Capitol & Night in Effingham are adapting due to the pandemic

Effingham Co. Chamber announces changes to two popular events

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Back in November the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce announced a big change to their annual Day at the Capitol.

“There’s an opportunity to try to bring, not just our legislators, but even more officials from Atlanta down into Effingham County,” said Effingham County Chamber of Commerce CEO Andrew Cripps.

But as we know the pandemic hasn’t slowed down.

“Right now we’re at the peak in terms of number of cases and number of fatalities,” said Cripps Monday.

Which has forced the Chamber and Cripps to make a tough decision.

“You know we’ve kind of said, ‘we don’t want to do virtual if we can avoid it.’ And we’re finding out that we simply can’t avoid it.”

No firm details have been made about the virtual Day at the Capitol yet but Cripps says it’s an opportunity they don’t want to miss.

“We don’t want the legislative session to go by and not have an opportunity for our business community to connect with our legislators.”

Of course the Day at the Capitol isn’t the only event seeing some changes.

“A Night in Effingham is an important community event and celebration of Effingham County and the City of Springfield.”

Plus it’s an opportunity to show off local businesses and make some important connections.

But due to those rising COVID numbers, “we’re simply going to have to look at doing either late spring or early summer,” Cripps says.

Yet another tough decision, but one that Cripps says aligns with the Chamber’s first priority right now.

“Our board is very conscious, of not just being a good example, but not putting our members and members of the community in dangerous situations.”

Again, they have not finalized dates for either of those events at this time.

However, this week the Chamber will be voting on their legislative priorities to present to local lawmakers.

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