Healthcare provider helps vaccinate eligible staff at Savannah Country Day

Healthcare provider helps vaccinate eligible staff at Savannah Country Day

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - An email sent to parents and staff of Savannah Country Day School creating some criticism on social media. It involves the COVID-19 vaccine.

About 80 staff members at Savannah Country Day School qualified for the Phase 1A group. Coastal Care Partners and Village Walk Pharmacy tell WTOC a school employee reached out to see how these local vaccine providers could help their school staff get vaccinated.

Coastal Care Partners and Village Walk Pharmacy have spent the last three weeks facilitating their COVID-19 vaccination process.

They say they jumped on the idea of vaccinating eligible staff at Savannah Country Day School when they were approached.

“We thought this was a fantastic idea. You know, how can we get more folks vaccinated and that doesn’t put the pressure also on the clinic. So, while we’re still processing plenty of people in the clinic, we can go do a separate site as well,” said Scott Pierce, co-owner of Coastal Care Partners.

Village Walk Pharmacy Co-Owner, Jason Conley says they’re getting shipments of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Conley says logistically it’s very hard to use both Moderna and Pfizer at the public clinic because of the differences in temperature storage and second dose wait times.

The appointment-only clinic is just using Pfizer, which allows them to give the Moderna vaccines to large employers in the area.

“We’ve been using the smaller cartons to do off-site, off-site meaning not here at this location but long-term care that we’ve been assigned by the state and also had the opportunity to do these 1a patients at a school,” said Conley.

Village Walk Pharmacy and Coastal Care Partners say other schools in the area have contacted them too.

“We’ve been in conversation this weekend and today with five other schools that we’re working really diligently with to see how we can help them plan to get their 1a employees vaccinated as well,” said Pierce.

Pierce believes this decision involving the school does not affect the general population who are trying to make appointments at the clinic.

“There is nothing anywhere in the State guidance about not being able to go to organizations as long as you’re vaccinating just the 1a people. The fact that we’re able to do the general public here and processing 250 people a day with the vaccine we use here and use a separate one in multiple schools, even though educators as a group are not in 1a, their employees who are 65 and older and/or caregivers for those folks are in this current so we can absolutely go out and vaccinate those folks.”

The two providers do plan to provide the Savannah Country Day School employees their second dose.

The clinic held by Coastal Care Partners and Village Walk Pharmacy is open to anyone in the area, who qualifies for the 1A category, not just Skidaway Island residents. Providers say they are booked for this week but hope to open appointments back up for next week.

WTOC reached out to Savannah Country Day school Monday morning. The person who picked up the phone when we called told us the school was working on a press release.

WTOC has not received one at this time. We also called and emailed the school’s communication director and have not heard back from anyone yet.

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