People traveling to Evans Co. for COVID-19 vaccine

People traveling to Evans Co. for COVID-19 vaccine

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Evans Memorial has seen people 65 and older from 14 different counties coming to Claxton to get the COVID-19 vaccine and right now, they have a list of about 700 people who are still waiting to get their first dose.

“As far-reaching as Atlanta, Valdosta, St. Marys.”

Evans Memorial CEO Bill Lee says some people are traveling close to three and four hours just to get their COVID-19 vaccine. So far, he says they have administered about 792 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“It really is about access. They want to be early adopters, they want to be on the front end and unfortunately, in many of the areas in the counties in Georgia that they’re in, there has been limited supply, there’s been long waitlists, long hours of waiting, and hard to schedule, hard to get appointments,” said Lee.

Still, he says they have requested additional 1,000 doses to meet the demand. He says one of the things that has slowed down first dose distribution is ensuring there’s a second dose for those who have already received their first. They are happy to be a community asset.

“At Evans Memorial we are so excited to be a part of the solution. I think we have served, we have treated, we have cared for COVID patients for over the last nine months and we are really excited about the positive energy around the vaccine clinics.”

Claxton Mayor Terry Branch already got his first dose. He says no matter which county people come from, they’re happy to help put an end to this virus.

“Anytime we can make stuff available for people outside of our community, we want to do that. I think it says a lot to the community for the county to be able to share the supplies that they have,” said Mayor Branch.

Lee says they expect their second shipment of vaccines to roll in sometime next week. Until then they haven’t scheduled any clinics for the following week.

They expect to start administering again on February 3. They’re hoping to contact those on the waiting list sometime soon.

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