SouthCoast Health expands vaccine clinics

Updated: Jan. 25, 2021 at 12:27 AM EST
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CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It was definitely a big day here at SouthCoast Health. It marks the second day the clinics in Savannah, Richmond Hill and Pooler are administering the COVID-19 vaccine to some of their patients.

“We have at least 4,500 people signed up who are 65 and above and I think over 10,000 on the waiting list,” said Dr. Ben Watson.

Dr. Watson with SouthCoast Health says so far they’ve gotten one shipment of vaccines, which is about 200 vials. Between the three clinics, thousands of patients will be able to get vaccinated.

“We should be able to do almost 1,000 a week. We’ve gotten about 2,000 vaccine doses,” said Dr. Watson.

Haydee and Jim Toedtman say they didn’t hesitate to make an appointment when the opportunity arose, but it took some patience to solidify their reservation.

“We spent a lot of time waiting for people to answer phones. I mean, in the end, we were on three different waiting lists,” said Jim Toedtman.

It’s a proud moment, they say, that they feel will break down some barriers so they can more comfortably visit with family. So of course, they can’t wait to tell them.

“They’re going to feel very proud that we got the vaccine,” said Haydee Toedtman.

“And relieved,” added Jim Toedtman.

SouthCoast Health will be doing the vaccinations every weekend moving forward as long as the supply is available. Dr. Watson says once their patients are treated they’ll be opening up their clinics to the public.

“We’re humbled, you know, that we’re able to do this and hopefully reach a significant population here in our area, Chatham County and the coastal area,” said Dr. Watson.

“Don’t hesitate to get the shot. The risk to others is great, but the risk to yourself is also very significant,” said Jim Toedtman.

Dr. Watson says they’re using every dose they’re being given and it’s still unclear when their next shipment will be coming in.

“We’re very thankful for, you know, the nurses that spend their weekends here giving the vaccine. That’s just wonderful,” said Haydee Toedtman.

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