Beaufort Co. School District website now shows quarantine data

Beaufort Co. School District website now shows quarantine data

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort County School District has been tracking its COVID-19 numbers since school began in September. Now, they will also be tracking quarantines.

Beaufort County has over 1,000 students and staff members out of the buildings right now due to possible exposures. That doesn’t mean they are always positive. School officials say they are launching a new way to show those numbers to parents.

“The good thing about the quarantine numbers is that it shows that the district is working hard to minimize and mitigate the spread of the infection in schools,” Superintendent Dr. Frank Rodriquez said.

Just a few weeks ago on the first day of school, the superintendent noted they would take all COVID-19 precautions necessary, even if it meant quarantining an entire grade. The district has set up a way people can track both confirmed cases and quarantines.

“The dashboard for quarantines will reflect by school how many quarantines we have the week before and how many quarantines they have on a daily basis in the current week,” Dr. Rodriquez said.

The quarantine dashboard breaks down how many students and staff members are in quarantine from each school.

“It includes any student who is fully virtual, any student who is face-to-face, and staff that’s virtual, and staff that’s face-to-face. The important thing is that sometimes we get quarantine cases where it’s nothing to do with school,” Dr. Rodriquez said.

The district says many parents and staff members were confused how so many people could be in quarantine when so few COVID-19 cases were being listed. They say they hope this tracker will clear things up.

“Quarantines are not positive cases,” Dr. Rodriquez said.

The superintendent says he knows 1,000 students and staff members is a large number. But he says it’s just to keep people safe.

“But maybe it looks a little scary, but it should provide some comfort in knowing that the school district is doing its job to mitigate the spread of the virus within its classrooms,” he said.

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