Construction on Statesboro development expected to begin in May

Construction on Statesboro development expected to begin in May

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - A huge retail development in Statesboro could be closer to breaking ground.

It will be at the corner of Veterans Memorial Parkway and Old Register Road. It’s set to hold a grocery store, soccer stadium and more retail projects.

Developers say you’ll soon start seeing progress in what’s become Statesboro’s most anticipated project.

Heavy equipment moves dirt on the spot where Publix is expected to make its Statesboro home. A fully finished road runs through the middle of the large plot that’s slated to house the grocery store, a soccer stadium, a theater and more.

At least some construction is now expected to start around May 1.

“The start of Publix and the stadium will allow so much of the other retail, commercial, and even some residential, work to start coming out of the ground,” Tormenta FC owner/president Darin Van Tassell said.

Van Tassell says one big piece of the puzzle will be the extension of Akins Blvd from Georgia Southern to connect traffic back to the Statesboro bypass and to the university’s South Campus. They’ve worked more than a year on the utilities, drainage, and more.

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure we get it right. We don’t get a second chance. And the infrastructure is the piece that takes the longest,” Van Tassell said.

He says the pandemic has impacted the project because it’s created uncertainty in real estate and construction. But he says the project is still a “go”.

“It’s not a 20 year project. It’s not even a 10 year project. It’s one that’s now going to quickly move,” he said.

And we’ll keep you updated as the timelines progress.

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