Hinesville church gives back after recent crime in the area

Hinesville church gives back after recent crime in the area

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - A Hinesville church caught in the middle of two terrible crimes responded Friday with love for their neighbors.

Organizers had this food drop in the works already. But two almost-unspeakable crimes last week prompted them to do this now and take back their neighborhood.

Cars lined up hours before the food drop began and volunteers bagged groceries and more. Last week a deadly shooting across the street and a carjacking at this church had the pastor wanting to do something.

“The statement we’re making is we’re trying to overcome evil with good!”

The church’s Manna House regularly feeds the needy and distributes food. The pastor says the crimes rocked the neighborhood.

“This is a good place to be! Even when something bad happens, and it can happen anywhere, but when it does we come together as friends and neighbors,” said Pastor Katrina Deason, Liberty Prayer Chapel.

At the gas station across the street, volunteers pumped out $10 in fuel as part of the food drop line. Pastor Deason says the church teamed with the store owner and others to make that happen.

“Some people gave us $10, some gave us a $100.”

All total, they helped more than 200 families today to help them and help the community.

The pastor says she wants people to associate this neighborhood with things like this, and not what happened last week.

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