Senior Citizens Inc. helping residents through the pandemic, cold months

Senior Citizens, Inc. helping folks through the pandemic, cold months

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Every year Senior Citizen Inc. collects blankets to hand out to the community. Well, this year they say the need is much greater as we not only face colder temperatures, but are in the middle of a pandemic.

“We’ve got so many people in the community that are reaching out to us and we don’t want any older adult to be cold this winter,” said Patti Lyons, President of Senior Citizens Inc.

This is a look at Senior Citizens Inc’s closet. They have bare shelves and need your help to fill them with blankets to give out to those in need. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years and say this small donation to their office or in a bin at local Starbucks can lead to much more..

“There’s a lot of folks who really just need that little extra bit of warmth so the blanket comes with a conversation too,” said Lyons. “You know, how are you doing, is there more that you need, how else can we help so it’s like a hug from the community for people.”

The blankets are just one thing SCI is doing to help during the pandemic. Of course, meals on wheels is still happening, but they also are trying to help those who need help with vaccinations. While they can’t book appointments for anyone over 65 because of HIPPA they are planning for their in home clients in the future.

“I am so excited that we have partnered with someone that when the Johnson and Johnson vaccine comes out which is a single dose we’re really going to try to get our homebound clients vaccinated using that,” explained Patti Lyons. “Cause you know a lot of folks can’t get out and stand in line, don’t have a computer so we’re helping as best we can.”

If you want to help Senior Citizen Inc. and donate a new blanket they have details on their website.

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