Good News: Revolutionary portable X-Ray machine developed in Savannah

Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 at 3:28 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A medical device that could soon streamline doctors’ visits and make them more convenient for patients can now be put into use.

Advancements in medicine are not achieved with middling commitment.

“I never lost faith in the science. I never did. I said we can figure out a way. We can put a person on the moon, we can miniaturize an X-ray,” Optim Orthopedics Upper Extremities Surgeon Dr. Greg Kolovich said.

Dr. Kolovich has accomplished that goal the imaging industry has been chasing for 60 years by designing, producing and delivering to market a portable x-ray machine.

The MicroC that Dr. Kolovich developed with a company named Oxos Medical, recently earned FDA certification and is now being used at practices including Savannah’s Optim Orthopedics.

“Having the ability to bring the X-ray to the patient is a huge advantage. In surgery, it gives me the infinite degrees of freedom to get all the views that I need to make sure I’ve done the right procedure.”

“The ability to do diagnostic imaging with the patient, at the patient point of care, significantly reduces through put, increases operational efficiency and is just a better experience for the patient,” Oxos Medical Director of Clinical Operations Brandon Mark said.

MircoC has a potentially worldwide market of doctors, hospitals, and home health care professionals. But its origins are in Savannah.

“I started like anybody else, with an idea. I put it on a napkin, I said it was possible ... Savannah is where we started, where we grew. Most of our investors are from here. Most of our investors are doctors who believed in us ... yeah, that’s where it all started. It started right here in this building.”

FDA certification was a necessary final step in the development of the MicroC, but just the beginning for a device that could make doctors’ and patients’ lives easier moving forward.

“Because of the requirements of these high-dose radiation machines, the patient has to go away from the provider to get that diagnostic tool, then come back. And that causes a lot of issues with rescanning, duplicate scans, medical errors. So, to be able to do that right with the provider provides significant value to the institution, the provider and the patient.”

The MicroC provides immediate images in still or video formats and also generates less radiation than larger traditional x-ray machines.

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