South Carolina governor says state working on getting vaccines to teachers, school staff

Lowcountry school reacts to SC teacher vaccine announcement

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster announced Thursday the state will be putting an emphasis on working towards getting vaccines to teachers and school staff.

Those at Red Cedar Elementary they say they are excited for the opportunity.

“I think teachers are excited about the opportunity for a vaccine,” Red Cedar nurse Bethany Byrne said.

Every day she discusses the possibility of a vaccine with her coworkers.

“A lot of them I do think will get the vaccine. They are teachers, they are going to do the research, they are going to ask questions.”

The district believes about half of its staff will get the vaccine.

“They’re tired of COVID. Even people who were leery of vaccines, which, absolutely I encourage, do your research. Even people who may not have considered it at the beginning, they see the importance.”

The governor and state superintendent cited data today claiming schools are not the super spreaders they were once feared to be. Despite this knowledge, teachers are still the ones that must help students one on one

“I do feel like teachers are concerned for their own health.”

The school has still had to deal with COVID concerns. 30 students are currently quarantined.

“It’s not fun. It’s not fun to call someone and say your child may have been exposed at school.”

“They are still going to be circumstances where children need to be home because of their health, because of the health of someone in the household, there are circumstances where staff members need to stay home.”

And those situations may be what inspire more teachers to get the vaccine.

“Whether you decide to get the vaccine or not is a personal decision, but everyone should feel comfortable asking questions and finding answers.”

Once they are available vaccine will not be mandatory for students or teachers here at Red Cedar Elementary or in Beaufort County, but the nurse and principal say they hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity.

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