Super Bowl more than just a game for local businesses

Local businesses hope big game brings in big money

Super Bowl more than just a game for local businesses

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The big game is now just days away.

But for some local businesses it’s a day they’ve been looking forward to for months.

“Yeah, this is the biggest weekend of our year. For some it’s St. Patrick’s Day for us it’s the Super Bowl,” said Coach’s Corner Managing Partner John Henderson.

Coach’s Corner in Savannah annually celebrates the big game with a big weekend they call Superfest, an event which will continue this year, of course, with some adjustments.

“We’re having to take some special precautions to make sure everyone is safe,” Henderson says.

Offering a large outdoor space for football lovers to safely enjoy the game.

But if you aren’t comfortable eating in.

“Takeout is a very big part of our business Sunday, of course, wings,” said Henderson.

Speaking of wings, “the Super Bowl is one of, sorry, is the single busiest day of the year,” said 520 Wings owner Gary Gordon.

A he expects this year may be no different.

“Well, we’ve been getting a lot of preorders in. So far, so good. We’re definitely going to stay stocked up and hopefully sell out like we do every year.”

Meanwhile, in Pooler Lovezzola’s Pizza is staying prepared.

“Without a question we’re ready. Now we just have to take it one minute at a time, one hour at a time,” said owner Paul Lovezzola.

Even if they aren’t exactly sure how the day will play out.

“We don’t know what to expect we really don’t. It could be the biggest day I ever had in my 50 years in business. Or it could be the deadest day because they all stay home,” Lovezzola said.

While there is some uncertainty about business around this year’s game it seems one thing remains unchanged.

“People like to drink beer. I know my family does, especially my boyfriend, he likes to drink beer during football games,” said DeAnna Moreno.

But don’t just take her word for it.

“Typically, beer is king around the big game,” said Joseph Cason.

Cason is the area sales manager for United Distributors and says they’ve been stocking up the same as years past just perhaps for a different kind of party.

“This year you’re going to have a lot of people tailgate at home or family and friends house,” Cason said.

A year for many to adapt but one that at least offers hope of a brighter future.

“My Falcons will return to the gridiron and they’ll be in the super bowl next year, that’s my hope,” laughed Cason.

Whether it’s, wings, pizza or alcohol they all suggested if you can preorder you should to guarantee you are ready to go by kickoff

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